Downtown Artwalk: "Door No.1" showcase by Rob Grad

Last week C&C were invited to attend a special art showcase that was on display at the monthly downtown Los Angeles Art Walk.. I had heard of these art walks that take place in various parts of the city from many people. This is the very first one that I went to. I didn’t really know what to expect out of it. But just driving into the area I could tell by the dozens and dozens of people roaming the streets, that this would be a bit hectic. I personally don’t do well with large crowds of people. So needless to say, I was overwhelmed by just walking across the street. Art walks are described as free self-guided public art event that bring artists and community together and center around many galleries in a specific area. After some confusion as to where the exact spot for the show was and pushing several hipster arty folk out of the way, I finally made to the 2nd floor ballroom in the Alexandria hotel on Spring street. I found it very comforting to be in a large space with not too many people around, so I could really take my time and observe the art. There were about 11 pieces in this Door No. 1 showcase. The very first piece I came across was called "So Close". It was a gold painted door, with and gold chain out lining what looks like a silhouette of a person and having a clock as a face with a wire mustache. As you take a closer look in the peep hole in the middle of the clock face, you can see what looks to be a digitalized picture of a landscape of hillside of some sort. The next two were smaller sized mixed media on wood which had handicap signs, and pictures of a carousel integrated with paint and other media. There were a few other literal doors, like one entitled "Private" which had the words- "private: keep out" written in the middle. This door also had an additional visual picture of a girl as seen through the aluminum pipes that lined in inside of the small window at the top of the door. One art piece that really caught my eye was one named "Ti Amo". It was also mixed media on wood panel. The colors in this work really drew me in. The bright pink, blue, and purple hues were really entrancing. And after speaking with the artist about that piece, he stated that the colors were what started the initial idea for it. There is a fan like archway above a door that is a picture of an actual door in Rome and a man and woman embracing with the words "ti amo" spray painted in red above them. Another door that I found interesting was called "I can’t be trusted". It was an all white door that laid on its side slightly elevated. Glued onto the front were things like a vodka bottle, torn and mangled junk food labels, a condom, underwear, beer label, dollars and cigarette butts that spelled out the title of the piece. The entire door was covered in chicken wire and what looked to be coffee stains as well. When you walk around to look at the back, you see few bunches of flowers and a small mirror, which can lead the viewer to make some conclusions as to the stark contrast of the front and back of the door. All of Rob’s pieces in this showcase were about doors. The doors we walk into or choose not to walk into to and the choices we make in life. There is no real right or wrong answers to doors. It is about the experiences we have in life through those ones that we choose to walk through and what we as a society can learn about ourselves. Rob Grad is a musician and self taught artist. Having worked in graphic design, lead him to explore other forms of art specializing in mixed media. Since Rob started out in music, it was only natural for him to perform a few songs to go along with the art. The specific songs that he chose were all ones that went along with the concept of the doors and the choices people make in life. It was a soft rock sound with only two guitars and a bass, no drums and meaningful lyrics. Rob is a very talented musician and creative artist with a lot of potential and a lot of great work already under his belt. I can’t wait to see what else he has in store and what doors may lead us to. You can purchase his art and music on his website.

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A Tribute to the Royal Wedding

A Tribute to the Royal Wedding
A Tribute to the Royal Wedding by Janet D. G on

in honor of the royal wedding we are giving you a little british inspiration

All On The Line with Joe Zee!

Sundance Channel and Nordstrom event with Joe Zee from Elle Magazine to celebrate Radenroro.
It was a fun event with a DJ, champagne, and lots of good snacks like mini strawberry shortcakes!

Coachella Ready

Celebrity Coachella Outfits

This past weekend was Coachella, a music festival and a favorite for celebrity sightings. Coachella is the place to let loose and bring out the hippie in you. Celebrities like Katy Perry and Kate Bosworth rocked some comfortable yet fabulous outfits, perfect for the hot weather. 

Zara April Lookbook

Fluorescent Color Splash

Colorful bags that can be worn all year round, these fluo bags will be eye popping!

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Best Thing I Ever Ate: Grilled Cheese at The Foundry on Melrose

Grilled cheese sandwich is probably one of the first things you learn to make as a kid. It is very simple and easy to make. Three very basic ingredients, bread, cheese and butter and one flip of the sandwich on the grill and you are done. For myself, being a master in the kitchen is always a major fail. With that being said, I do still make and eat many grilled cheese sandwiches. So you are probably asking yourself, what makes this particular grilled cheese the best one? Allow me to introduce you to The Foundry’s ultimate grilled cheese. This is in no way an ordinary bread and cheese combo. First off it is made with fresh and organic raisin bread, which has just the right amount of sweetness with out tasting like you are biting into some pastry bread. Secondly it is made with Taleggio cheese. Now I live for cheese and love to try out new and different types. I do not believe I had heard of much less tried this specific cheese before. Taleggio cheese is described as washed rind and smeared-ripened Italian cheese that has a strong aroma but is more known for its unusual fruity tang. It was sensational. The perfect cheese, perfectly melted and paired with all the other elements made it what it is. It does in fact need to be the star of the sandwich considering it is a grilled cheese. But it does not stop there. Spread across the raisin bread was a apricot/caper puree. It might sounds like an odd mix of sweet and savory. I did not question any of it. It was just enough to add an interesting flavor to the sandwich as a whole. The final component for this grilled cheese was an add on, short ribs. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, they give you the option to add short ribs. It was a fantastic quality of meat that brought everything together in the end. In any sandwich scenario, I feel that every layer has to work well with each other and has to be the right amount to not take away from the others but still shine through as well. This grilled cheese was a perfect example of that. After reading the item on the menu and before it hit the table and my mouth, my biggest concern was that it wouldn’t really taste like a grilled cheese with all the other additions and that it might taste more like a panini. I was wrong. It had butter. Great butter on the outside of the delicious raisin bread. So the verdict is: Best grilled cheese sandwich ever! I can not leave with out mentioning another exceptional dish that I had, the foundry tots. A small black pot came to the table with these perfectly round golden balls with two different side sauces, cheese fondue and violet mustard. I then quickly popped one in my mouth. It was followed by a face that reads- what did I just eat? That was incredible! I had never had anything like this before. The best way I can describe it is a whipped mashed potato rolled in a ball somehow and ever so lightly fried with sea salt on top. I couldn’t quiet figure it out, but didn’t really need to. This is one of those dishes that I am torn between sharing with others, so they can taste the magic, and being greedy and finishing it all for myself because it was that phenomenal. So yes I am not ashamed to say that I had tater tots and a grilled cheese. I am six years old child deep inside. The only thing missing was a chocolate milk. I opted for a tequila and raspberry cocktail instead. I still have to uphold some standards. So the next time you are on Melrose Ave doing some shopping, stop by The Foundry and embrace to your inner child by ordering the tots and a grilled cheese sandwich with a high end gourmet twist, you will not be disappointed.

For more information go to: The Foundry on Melrose 7465 Melrose Ave.Los Angeles, CA 90046 (323) 651-0915


Sundays open at 5:30pm

Mon.-Sat. open at 6:00pm