Fashion and Culture in Los Angeles 2011 Press Release

The Documentary Fashion and Culture in Los Angeles wants you to be a part of the movie.
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Liquor Lust: Leblon Cachaca

During Los Angeles fashion week, many events start off with a pre-show party. It’s always nice to get the guests nice and boozed up before watching a runway show. One such event was the "Go Red for Women" celebrity fashion show benefiting the American Heart Association. It took place at the Vibiana in downtown. With about a hour and a half to kill before the show started, we decided to hit the bar. The pristine white bar decorated with green masks, beads, and anything that you could possibly stamp with a "Leblon" logo on it caught our eye immediately walking in. Oh and it happened to be St. Patrick’s day as well. So the chances that the liquor sponsor was green was either sheer coincidence or thoughtfully planned out. In any case, we took one quick look at the drink menu with the two specialities that were being made with the spirit and we quickly asked for one of each. The bartender replied with a "Oh, she is not playing. She knows what is up". We here at Chic & Cultured never shy away from trying new drinks or an open bar. Leblon is a cachaca. What is that you ask. Taken from the site, it is described as a spirit made from fresh pressed cane juice fermented and distilled and can only come from Brazil. It is also the third most consumed spirit in the world, rapidly becoming the new tequila. I ordered a "Caipirinha"which is the national cocktail of Brazil. It begins with a few lime wedges and about a teaspoon of sugar. You must muddle these two ingredients properly until your hearts desire. Then add crushed ice and about two ounces of Leblon cachaca and there you have it. Now I personally am a reformed beer drinker. But this, I will take another of please. It is the perfect blend of sweet and sour with not too much else going on so you can really taste the cachaca with out it being too strong to drink without making a face. Not to say that I didn’t have a taste of it straight up, then another shot chilled with a lime slice covered in sugar. I need to properly taste the product of I am going to make an informed decision about my opinion. At least that is what I tell people when they see me pounding shots at the bar and chatting it up with the representative from Leblon. Tasting new liquors can be a dangerous and difficult job, but someone has to do it. I am not complaining. The official Leblon website has endless amounts of recipes for cachaca based drinks and plenty of information about the product. It might take me another while to try out the variety of fruit blended caipirinha cocktails. Oh what a life. So I know what I am buying for the next house or dinner party. The beer might have to take a small break from my dietary intake, while I swim in the beaches of Brazil and Leblon cachaca. Go pick up a bottle from any local liquor or major grocery stores across the country, and thank me later.

Anthony Franco LA Fashion Week

Designer Anthony Franco gave a fantastic show at LA Fashion
Week. His modern designs are classy and wearable, from the women and men
suits to the elegant evening gowns. We are truly in love:)

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Style Fashion Week LA

Last week was full of excitement here in LA with the arrival of Fashion Week. The pictures below are from the Stop Staring Show that was held at Vibiana downtown Los Angeles.

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London Calling!

Recent London trip was packed with yummy food, awesome colorful fashion 
and believe it or not Sun!

Yo Sushi:)

christian louboutin giant shoe at selfridges

Fish & Chips 

Macaroons at Harrods

Camden Town Crazy Style

My Favorite Prawn and Mayo Sandwiches

Selfridges window displays

Shoe displays at selfridges

Beautiful Roses on Oxford St.

Lemon Grass/Jasmine Ice Tea and Dim Sum at Ping Pong

Scone with Cream and Jam:)

Elderflower Water :)

Anything Flower infused is so good!