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New Filmmakers Series

New Filmmakers is a non-profit organization designed to showcase innovative works by emerging filmmakers from around the world. It is a monthly screening series that takes place year round, and feels like a day in a film festival. The series we attended last week featured two shorts program and a documentary film program, which are different films each month. New filmmakers has found their home at the historic Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood. They have pre and post receptions for each of the programs that take place in the café of the studio lot which features a cash bar, media wall with red carpet and a dj spinning music. There is a great variety of stories and content in each of the programs. Ranging from a 20 minute magician’s tale, a 4 minute visual poem and 16 minute animated short about a plumber’s adventure. Of course, there were a couple stand outs and favorites. "The Birthday Circle" by Philip Lepherd was one of them. Running at only five minutes, this sweet story begins with two very young brothers (both of which are the director’s children) discussing a birthday cake as adults. The dialogue alone draws you in immediately and the children are as charming and adorable as they come. The parents enter and discuss the children’s current living situation as we discover that they live alone in the house. The roles of parent and child are reversed, compared and contrasted as they continue their peculiar conversation. This short is not only humorous but leaves you thinking about how we sometimes treat the elderly like children when they can no longer take care of themselves as they age and some how mimic child like tendencies. It was brilliant and I can not wait to see more from this British director. It will be screening next at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival in February. ( http://www.sfindie.com) Another stand out was "King Eternal" by Ori Guendelman. This short tells a tale of two life long friends on their rite of passage journey into the forest. The most fascinating part of this film was the technical aspects of the process. With the help of a good friend and linguistics professor, Guendelman created a completely different language for the film which sounded like a mix between Japanese and Kriol, much like the language used in "Avatar". If that wasn’t enough, he also had a animated puppet created by his former theater teacher, that was amazing and looked as though it was part of a big budget feature film. Having put all of his money into this short, this senior at Chapman University did a phenomenal job at creating a unique universe with the resources he was given. Next up for him is his senior thesis that is an action adventure comedy set in a time of current war. (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1686064/) It was really fun and interesting to see such a diverse group of shorts and chat with the filmmakers during the interactive question and answer session and reception following the screening. This is a exceptional series and I can’t wait to see what the next program has to offer. The next screening will take place on Friday February 25th.

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